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Mechanical Seal Preparation And Precautions
Jun 02, 2018

After the above overhaul operations are completed, it is required to re-seal the machine from the head, and it is necessary to make preparations before the installation.

1. If you replace the new seal, you must check the type of the mechanical seal, the standard is correct, the quality is consistent with the standard;

2. The end of anti-rotation groove and anti-rotation pin at the end of the static ring should adhere to the axial gap of 1mm to 2mm to avoid buffering failure;

3. The ends of the moving and stationary rings are cleaned and cleaned with alcohol. Other metal parts are cleaned with gasoline and blown dry with clean compressed air. Carefully check the heart to ensure that the sealing surfaces of the moving and stationary rings are not damaged. In front of the device, two “0” rubber seals should be coated with a smooth grease, and the ends of the moving and stationary rings must not be oiled.

Fourth, mechanical seal device sequence and precautions

1. After the relative orientation of the rotor and the pump body is fixed, the orientation of the mechanical seal is determined. Based on the dimensions of the sealed device and the orientation of the stationary ring in the gland, the dimensions of the seal on the shaft or sleeve are measured.

2. The machine seals the moving ring, and after moving the ring device, it must ensure that it can move sensitively on the shaft;

3. Assemble the assembled static ring and the moving ring.

4. Install the sealed end cap in the seal body and tighten the screw.

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