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Mechanism Of Shallow Slots For Mechanical Seals
May 03, 2018

Mechanism of Shallow Slots for Mechanical Seals

Deep groove shallow groove non-contact mechanical seals are fluid dynamic pressure type mechanical seals, but their working principle will not be the same. Today, we will talk about mechanical seals for you briefly. About deep groove mechanical seals The mechanism of action?

Dry gas seal (typical shallow groove seal) is a kind of fluid dynamic and static pressure combined type seal. When the pressure of the medium mechanical seal exists, the force acting on the seal is hydrostatic, and when the seal rotates or stands still All exist.

The hydrodynamic pressure only occurs when the seal ring rotates. At this time, the shallow groove opened by the sealing surface draws the sealed gas circumferentially. The outer diameter is toward the center, and the radial component flows toward the seal dam. The seal dam is restrained. Gas flows to the center. Then the gas is compressed and the pressure rises. After the pressure rises, the elastic mounting surface disengages to form the required gas film. The gas film stabilizes not only the sealing effect of the working medium but also the lubrication of the friction pair. The gas mechanical seal achieves wear-free operation in a fluid-lubricated non-contact state.

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