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Membrane Seal Leakage And Friction Power Of Mechanical Seals
Apr 14, 2018

Gas seal leakage and friction power of mechanical seals:

     Gas seals of mechanical seals have large gas leakage due to large end clearances, but the leak rate is lower than other non-contact seals (such as labyrinth seals). The amount of gas seal leakage depends on the gas being sealed. Pressure, shaft rotation speed and diameter size. The indicated leakage of the gas film seal (standard state 0°C 0.1MPa) is based on the shaft diameter of 120mm and is for reference only.

Because mechanical seals do not contact the end face during gas seal operation and the power consumption is cut off between the end faces, the frictional power is very small, which is approximately 5% of that of oil-lubricated general mechanical seals. The film seal friction power under the condition of the shaft diameter of 120mm. Frictional power is converted to heat, which raises the temperature of the seal face and the seal chamber.

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