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Pump Eccentric Wear Phenomenon Is Caused
Nov 21, 2017

Partial wear is mainly due to the following reasons:

(1) rubber or PTFE seals, moving ring, static ring seal manufacturing quality unqualified, concentricity and verticality design allowable deviation or manufacturing error.

(2) Seal chamber end cap manufacturing or installation is not the same axis, not vertical. End cover is static ring installation and positioning of the parts, if the end cap positioning end and the axis of the heart or not vertical, is bound to cause the static ring and the axis is not concentric or vertical, resulting in bias partial wear, at the same time, the end cap and the seal chamber Connecting flange, generally a non-metallic gaskets, if the fitter installation, flange bolts pre-tightening uneven, can also cause the end cap and the axis is not the heart or not, resulting in eccentric wear.

Seen in this light, in addition to the design and processing of sealed chamber end cover, the concentricity and verticality to put forward higher requirements; the installation of sealed chamber end cap, the bolt force must be uniform. The flange at the non-metallic mats to ensure leak-tight seal on the premise, try to use a thin pad.

In short, the cause of partial wear, the majority of seals, end caps and other manufacturing quality unqualified, mechanical seal repair and installation is not correct.