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Replacement Steps For Mechanical Seals
Oct 16, 2018

Mechanical seal for the chemical pump, hot water pipeline pump, oil pump, mechanical seal is very important, the installation of mechanical seal can let the pump to achieve leak-free operation, greatly improving the working environment of the water pump management, but also extended the service life of the pump.

The following is a detailed explanation of the installation steps of the mechanical seal: 

(1) Ready to place the pump parts of the work table (ground) and disassembly tools, do not mechanical seals arbitrarily disorderly use, so as not to touch the pump parts. 

(2) Confirm that the motor is in the overhaul state before disassembly, remove the oil plug, and suction The lubricant out of the sealing seat cavity with a straw. (3) Split the pair of split coupling: First the coupling of the fixed hexagon screw, and then gently pull the half of the coupling from the shaft slowly down (note do not fall down).

Use the plum wrench to tighten the pump shaft lifting bolts and stops, so that the impeller slowly sinking to the pump body, remove the other half of the coupling, the pump shaft retaining ring. 

(4) Remove the seal seat: Unscrew the seal seat pressing nut and gently remove the seal seat (note: Do not break the rubber seal on the seat) and clean. 

(5) Disassembly and cleaning of the bearing block: first gently loosen the housing after the seat with the demolition bolts, and lift up along the pump shaft to remove; Clean the bearing and seat with jet fuel, dry before loading and apply a little of the 20th mechanical oil lubrication protection. 

(6) Disassembly mechanical seal: grasp the sealing spring along the pump shaft upward, it can be disassembled. 

(7) Mechanical seal assembly: In the dynamic, static ring on the mirror coated with a layer of clean 20th lubricating oil, the guide bearing seat on the lubricant, the static ring gently positioned into the guide bearing seat, and then put on the pump shaft lubricating oil, the mechanical seal of the dynamic ring part of the pump shaft, with Pat push seal ring should be able to telescopic 

The static ring part of the anti-rotating parts need to be assembled in place. 

(8) Seal seat: The seal seat is first loaded with rubber oil seal, then the sealing seat is loaded into the pump cover and pressed on the housing, tighten the nut. 

(9) installed coupling: first on the motor shaft mounted on the retainer ring, half of the coupling, and then in the pump shaft end and the coupling groove inside the stopper block and tighten the bolts with a plum wrench (lifting the pump shaft of MM and providing mechanical seal prestressing); then the other half of the coupling screwed on the hex socket screw must be tightened. 

The correct inspection requirements of the coupling are as follows: The gap between the upper and lower gaps of the fractional coupling is uniform, and the rotation is flexible with the manual coupling.

(10) According to the point of commissioning check the replacement of mechanical seal is correct, the pump set whether the normal operation.


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