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Several External Factors Affecting Mechanical Seal Effect
Nov 21, 2017

1. Mechanical seal effect of one of the external factors: machining accuracy is not enough

Machining accuracy is not enough, for many reasons, some mechanical seal itself is not enough precision, the reasons for this easy to attract the attention of people, but also easy to find. But sometimes the other parts of the pump processing accuracy is not enough, this reason, not easy to arouse people's attention. For example: pump shaft, bushings, pump body, seal the accuracy of the cavity is not enough and other reasons.

Second, the external factors affect the mechanical seal effect: vibration is too large

Mechanical seal vibration is too large, eventually leading to loss of sealing effect. However, the reasons for the large mechanical seal vibration is often not the cause of the mechanical seal itself, the pump is the root cause of other parts of the vibration, such as the pump shaft design is not reasonable, the reasons for processing, bearing accuracy is not enough, Radial force and other reasons.

3. Three factors affecting the mechanical seal effect of external factors: the axial shaft channeling large

Mechanical seal sealing surface to have a certain pressure, so as to play a sealing effect, which requires the mechanical seal spring to have a certain amount of compression, to the mechanical seal face a thrust, rotating the sealing surface to produce the required seal Specific pressure. In order to ensure this a specific pressure, the mechanical seal requirements of the pump shaft can not have too much channeling, mechanical seal in the course of the process can not withstand axial force, if there is axial force, the mechanical seal is serious. Sometimes due to the pump axial force balance mechanism design unreasonable and manufacturing, installation, use and other reasons, resulting in axial force has not been balanced out. The mechanical seal withstands an axial force and the seal gland temperature will be high during operation. For polypropylene media, it will melt at high temperatures, so the pump will lose seal soon after it is started and when the pump is at a standstill, the seal faces will appear Intermittent jet leakage phenomenon.

4. Four factors affecting the mechanical seal effect of the external factors: no auxiliary flushing system or auxiliary flushing system set unreasonable

Auxiliary flushing system for mechanical seals is very important. Mechanical seal auxiliary flushing system can effectively protect the sealing surface, play cooling, lubrication, washed away debris and so on. Sometimes the designer does not configure the auxiliary flushing system reasonably and can not achieve the sealing effect. Sometimes, although the designer designs the auxiliary system, due to the impurities in the flushing fluid, the flow of the flushing fluid, the insufficient pressure and the irrational design of the flushing port, , Also failed to seal the same effect.