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Teach You Mechanical Seal O-ring Common Faults And Corrective Measures
Mar 26, 2018

Teach you mechanical seal o-ring common faults and corrective measures

In the operation of the machine, o-rings will face many problems. One of them is the overheating of the rubber ring. The cause of overheating is generally due to the fact that the heat dissipation of the seal interface of the centrifugal pump is not timely, that is, the PVC. The o-ring of the material, due to overheating causes it to turn blue or black, and the o-ring becomes brittle and cracking, with the most obvious part being the closest to the sealing surface.

The best remedy for o-ring overheating is to check the circulation of the centrifugal pump's sealed chamber. If the centrifugal pump has a cooling device, check also to see if there is any blockage in the equipment. Operation, slagging and other faults. Check the product according to the original regulations.

In fact, overheating is only one of the problems encountered by o-rings in the work environment. Other problems are summarized as follows:

1. on the issue of o-ring extrusion,

Sometimes the o-ring has a very narrow working space, and when it passes through some small gaps, it will appear to squeeze out. There is also such a thing as if the seal is subjected to excessive force when assembling and assembling components or if the operating pressure or temperature is too high. When adjusting the shaft sealing elements in-situ, O-ring extrusion also occurs if the dimensions exceed the limit, resulting in large gaps between the elements. Teflon 0-rings are curled and rubber O-rings are peeled or torn.

The best remedy for facing the situation is to confirm the method of assembly and the conditions of operation in a timely manner. When adjusting the various parts of the seal, try to conform to the original standards.

2. on the O-ring there is a problem of failure.

If the O-ring is not properly selected, permanent deformations such as swelling and undercutting will occur. As a result, the O-ring will not only lose its original performance and break, but will also prevent the slider from moving.

The way to deal with this problem is to check the working conditions of the original product of the shaft seal and see if the material is suitable. If it is not suitable, the material and size of the O-ring should be re-selected.

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