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The Development Capability Of Sealing Products Is Shown In 3 Aspects
Aug 06, 2018

1, For the static seal system design, the gradual abolition of plant fiber and asbestos material sealing products, but for the chemical polymer materials seals, but not commonly used in some liquid static sealing device, the current domestic hydraulic rubber seals, anaerobic rubber seals, Can be used in the hydraulic mechanical seal system equipped with domestic seals less brand, and the process of manufacturing level and quality stability and import seals have a large gap.


2, Mechanical Sealing Parts Second, for shaft rotating dynamic sealing system, most of the market still use the Standard Oil seal, when the shaft rotary dynamic sealing equipment Pressure design requirements, domestic pressure-resistant oil seals to provide the level of stress in 1 to 3 MPA, and imported seals can provide 10 MPa pressure level, at least 3 times times more than domestic products


3, The dynamic hydraulic pressure-resistant oil seal seals have not been widely used in the mechanical shaft rotary seal system at present. Third, for the hydraulic cylinder reciprocating Movement seal system, now the market on the vast number of domestic engineering hydraulic machinery, hydraulic cylinder dynamic seal system of the main seal design, is generally the use of U-type seal ring. By the 90 's, the design of the reciprocating dynamic sealing system for hydraulic machinery and hydraulic cylinder began to use the complex design of the more complicated U-ring and coaxial sealing assembly. At present, the international mature design has 5-piece combination ring, 4-piece combination ring, 3-piece combination ring, 2-piece combination ring, etc., used in the hydraulic cylinder of the piston belt support ring, the composite ring as a sealing component of the production process level is more complex, the domestic design and manufacturing capacity can not carry out batch production, the quality level of the composite ring is relatively poor.

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