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The Development Process Of Mechanical Seals
Feb 09, 2018

The mechanical seal is a rotary shaft seal, or rotary mechanical end-face seal, which appeared in the UK as a patent in 1885 and was not applied until l900 years. 1920 used for refrigeration equipment, which was used as a bearing seal, at this time the use of mechanical seals are very low parameters. It was not until 1930 that the centrifugal pump was used. 1939-1945 years, due to the development of petrochemical industry and materials, graphite, ceramics, cemented carbide, processing technology in the surface roughness increased, the use of parameters have been improved, mechanical seals in the United States to popularize and popularize, and applied to the oil and chemical industry, the emergence of a balanced seal. In the middle of the 50, the former Soviet Union used mechanical seals in the centrifugal oil pump of refinery, in the construction of Lanzhou refinery in China, the centrifugal pump has mechanical seals. In the early 60, the mechanical seals were made and popularized, and the other refineries were popularized and improved. In the middle of the 60, mechanical seals were used in the introduction of the platinum Reformer, which greatly helped the development of mechanical seal technology in the refinery industry. With the development of China's petrochemical industry, factories and mines, the relevant schools, the mechanical seals have been in-depth research, China has its own mechanical seals series, professional manufacturers nearly hundred home. But mechanical seals in the structure, materials and ancillary measures, and so on continue to develop and update.


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