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The Key To Preventing Pump Leakage Is Choosing The Right Mechanical Seal
Nov 21, 2017

Mechanical seal is the use of friction between the two planes running principle, to seal the purpose. The rotary sealing surface is installed on the main shaft of the liquid pump, and the fixed sealing surface is installed in the sealing gland. Because one sealing surface is moving while the other sealing surface is stationary, this type of seal is called a dynamic seal.

Basic Mechanical Seals There are 4 leak paths to seal:

1. The passage between the sealing surfaces;

2. The path of rotation between the spindle and the spindle;

3 fixed surface and the gland between the access;

4. Gland and packing box between the access.

Sealing flexibility options

The axial and radial movement of the spindle requires some flexibility with the spring to ensure a tight seal between the contact surfaces. However, it can only provide a degree of flexibility. The mechanical condition of the pump and its length-to-diameter ratio (a measure of the ratio of the diameter of a spindle to its extension, the lower the ratio, the better) have an important bearing on the reliability of the seal. Sealing flexibility is generally guaranteed by a large main spring and a series of small springs or bellows seals.

Corrosion wear problem

For many reasons, such as bearing tolerances, shaft clearances, vibrations and spindles, radial and axial movement of the main shaft of the pump can occur. In addition, since it is very difficult to keep the contact surfaces absolutely parallel, it is normal for the inside of the mechanical seal itself to move. Such movements are often caused by equipment and installation tolerances, thermal expansion, pipe stress, or improper spindle tuning.

The only permanent way to solve the problem of corrosion wear is to remove the dynamic seal inside it. Most major seal manufacturers now produce non-corrosive wear seals to prevent corrosive wear on pump components.