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The Market Demand Of Environmental Protection Mechanical Seals
Mar 05, 2018

The market demand of environmental protection mechanical Seals

Environmental protection machinery, as our country is rising rapidly emerging industry, will be for the hydraulic pneumatic seals industry to open up a new market area. After analysis, induction, supporting the use of hydraulic pneumatic seals of a number of environmental protection machinery representative products are:

--processing 100,000 tons on day, 200,000 tons of municipal sewage equipment, used for sludge enrichment and dehydration of the belt-type concentrated filter press, its tensioning mechanism with hydraulic system, some of the way to rectify the use of hydraulic pressure and automatic feedback, and some use pneumatic gas switch; In order to protect its special submersible motor and speed reducer to work normally and safely, some domestic enterprises adopt three sealing technology, that is, dual-face mechanical seals plus single face mechanical seals, plus PTFE seals; In addition, all kinds of suction aerator and oxygen machine, ozone generator, chlorine dioxide generator, sodium hypochlorite generator, All need to support a variety of different requirements of the sealing technology and sealing ring.

--a variety of bag-type dust collectors and filters used in air pollution prevention and control, the dust-removing structure is controlled by pneumatic, equipped with different cylinders, electromagnetic differential valve or pneumatic switch valve, etc.

--in solid waste treatment equipment, such as a new type of garbage carrier developed to a large seal dump, solid waste (including metal waste, rubber and waste and municipal waste) compaction equipment, waste incineration equipment, landfill equipment (including special excavators, scraper), etc., are hydraulic driven and controlled electro-hydraulic integration System, Need to support a large number of hydraulic parts and seals.

Noise and vibration control equipment and environmental monitoring instrumentation in the field, sealing technology has been widely used.

To sum up, according to the "XV" period of China's estimated amount of investment in ecological construction and environmental protection, and the national environmental protection industry and environmental protection machinery forecast the development prospects, as well as some environmental protection machinery representative products for hydraulic pneumatic seals supporting the situation, after a preliminary estimate, by 2005, Domestic environmental protection machinery supporting hydraulic pneumatic seals market demand for: hydraulic parts of about 200,000, sales of 70 million rmb, pneumatic components about 400,000, sales of 70 million yuan, seals about 40 million pieces, sales 50 million RMB.

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