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The Strengths And Drawbacks Of Mechanical Seals In Oil Pump
Jun 13, 2018

The strengths and drawbacks of mechanical seals in oil pump

Mechanical seals strengths:

1. The seal is reliable, the sealing condition is very strong during long-time operation, and the leakage amount is very small. The leakage is about 1% of the soft packing seal;

2, the use of long life, in the oil, water, a single up to 1 to 2 years or longer. Generally work in the chemical medium for more than six months;

3, wipe power consumption is small, the conflict power is only 10% to 50% of the soft packing seal;

4, the shaft or sleeve is basically not worn;

5, long repair cycle. After the end face is worn out, it can be actively compensated. Under the condition of deformation, it does not require frequent repair;

6. Good shock resistance, insensitive to the oscillation of the rotating shaft and the deflection of the shaft to the sealed cavity;

7, a wide range of applications, mechanical seals can be used for high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, different rotation frequency, and a variety of fallen media with abrasive media seal.

Disadvantages of mechanical seals:

1, more messy, high processing requirements;

2. It takes more time for installation and replacement to require workers to have a certain level of technology;

3. When accidental accidents occur, handling is more difficult;

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