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Treatment Countermeasures Of Mechanical Seal Leakage
Feb 19, 2018

(i) Countermeasures against adverse action

1, the use of good wear resistance, rubber elastic high O-ring, in a slight injury can still maintain the inherent shape and size, maintain the seal. Seal with O-ring more choice of rubber, PTFE and so on. As a 0-ring or corrugated rubber, optional NBR, ethylene-propylene rubber, neoprene, silicone rubber, fluoro rubber and polysulfide rubbers: PTFE can be used as bellows, V-ring and wedge-shaped ring, for corrosive media: under high temperature or low temperature conditions, bronze and stainless steel as metal bellows instead of sealing ring Rotary mechanical seals, many use O-ring sliding seals.

2, the use of long life of static mechanical seals, static mechanical seal static ring installed on the shaft side, the movable ring is installed on the casing side, which is not affected by the machine deformation, and has the function of maintaining the flatness, and the spring does not contact with the sealing liquid, also improves and improves the movement, reduces the difficulty of removing the slurry, keeping the sealing flatness and the machine precision.

3, mechanical seal heat caused by the material degeneration, parts deformation, load capacity changes, etc., will reduce the working performance of seals, and even burned. The visual thermal size uses natural cooling, water jacket cooling, internal circulation cooling, external flushing cooling, axial cooling, external circulation cooling, washing and cooling effect, control sealing temperature, and prevent accumulation of impurities to ensure the integrity of seals.

(ii) To maintain the flatness of the sliding surface measures

1, in the maintenance of careful inspection of wear and tear, to maintain the static ring installation of the surface accuracy, the use of static mechanical seals can effectively solve the wear and tear more difficult to repair the problem.

2. The effective method to restrain the thermal deformation of the sealing material of the sliding parts is to change the retention mode of O-ring or graphite ring from sliding to insert type, and to ensure that the stress changes are minimized by using the mechanical seals made by high-temperature resistance and temperature adaptability materials.

(iii) Preventive measures against dry sliding

The dry sliding friction caused by the sliding surface damage due to the lack of cooling of the sliding heating, in addition to the perfect sealing liquid, cooling water flow and temperature Monitoring Unit, it is necessary to tour the two supply pipelines to prevent blockage. It is best to use the static mechanical seal with excellent slurry resistance, which can effectively prevent the dry sliding from happening.

In addition, to strengthen the operation of rotating machinery management, real-time inspection of mechanical seals of various pressure, sealing fluid flow, temperature and other changes, check the vibration of the shaft and the state of the seal, strictly prohibited vibration and plugging operation to ensure the integrity of the machine.