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What Are The Causes Of Surface Corrosion Of Mechanical Seals?
Mar 30, 2018

What are the causes of surface corrosion of mechanical seals?

  No matter what the mechanical seal of the material will be worn for a long time, what is the cause of the metal ring corrosion of the mechanical seal? Since losses cannot be avoided, how can we downgrade the loss of mechanical seals?

  First, the surface is uniformly corroded. If the surface of the metal ring is exposed to corrosive media, mechanical seals and the metal itself are not resistant to corrosion, surface corrosion will occur. The phenomenon is leakage, early wear, damage, sound and so on. The metal surface is uniformly eroded by two forms of film formation and no film. The corrosion of the filmless metal is very dangerous, and the corrosion progresses at a certain speed. This is mainly due to errors in material selection. The corrosion of the film, the passivation film generally has the protective effect, but the material used in the metal seal ring, such as stainless steel, cobalt, chromium alloy, etc. on the surface of the passivation film damage in the end surface friction, under the condition of oxygen The film is difficult to generate and causes galvanic corrosion to increase.

  Second, stress corrosion cracks. Under the action of corrosion and tensile stress, the metal first cracks in a thin area, and then develops in depth, and splits, known as stress corrosion cracking, using hardfacing alloys and cast iron, tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, and other sealing rings. Simple stress corrosion cracking. Cracks in the seal ring are generally radially divergent and may be one or more. These cracks communicated the entire mechanical seal face of the pump, speeding up the wear of the face and increasing the leakage.

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