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What Are The Development Prospects Of Mechanical Seals Products?
Mar 07, 2018

What are the development prospects of mechanical seals products? The sealing surface requires good processing quality to ensure that the sealing pair has good fitting performance. Today, mechanical seals product manufacturers a few, select a suitable for their manufacturers is a need for more than inspection. The birth of the product to the human life brought a lot of convenience, and the product is not immutable, but with the development of science and technology constantly in the innovation, the following is the introduction of the concept of product-related:

"Mechanical Seals" is also known as "Machine seal." A mechanical seal is an axle seal device of a rotating machine. such as centrifugal pumps, centrifuges, reactors and compressors and other equipment. As the transmission shaft runs through the equipment inside and outside, so that there is a circumferential gap between the shaft and the equipment, the media in the equipment through the gap to the outside leakage, if the equipment pressure is lower than the atmosphere, the air to the equipment leakage, so must have a leak-blocking shaft seal device. There are many kinds of shaft seals, due to the mechanical seal with less leakage and long life, so the world today mechanical seals are the most important in these equipment shaft seal. Mechanical seals are also called end-face seals, this is defined in the relevant national standards: "A device for preventing leakage of fluids consisting of at least a pair of end surfaces perpendicular to the axis of rotation in the form of fluid pressure and the action of the compensation Mechanism's elasticity (or magnetism) and the auxiliary seal to maintain a combined relative slip.

Warm tip: The development of science and technology, mechanical seals products more and more to meet the needs of people, but now the manufacturers of manufacturing products, the technical level is not homogeneous, the price is different, so can not be free to choose according to the price of products, otherwise can not guarantee the quality of products, and after the sale.


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