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What Are The General Considerations For The Use Of Mechanical Seals?
Apr 17, 2018

What are the general considerations for the use of mechanical seals?

1. In the easily crystallized medium, the use of mechanical seals should pay attention to frequent flushing. Clean the crystals on the mechanical seal before restarting after parking.

2. Before installing the mechanical seals, inspect all seal originals for failure or damage, and if so, repair or replace them.

3. In the assembly, it is necessary to pay attention to eliminating the deviation. When the screw is banned, tighten it evenly to avoid deflection and seal failure.

4. The mechanical seal should be disassembled carefully. Do not beat it with a hand hammer or iron, so as not to damage the dynamic and static ring sealing surface.

5. Because mechanical seals are generally used in clean, non-suspended particles, the newly installed piping systems and reservoirs should be carefully rinsed to prevent solid impurities from entering the sealed end face and rendering the seal ineffective.

6. If dirt cannot be removed, try to remove the dirt and clean it before disassembling it so as not to damage the sealing element.

7. For mechanical seals with external flushing, open the flushing fluid before starting to fill the seal chamber with seal fluid. When parking, set the pump up first and then seal the rinsing fluid.

8. The relative friction sealing surfaces of the moving and stationary rings should be strictly inspected, and any minor scratches, bumps, and other defects should not be allowed. All parts, including the pump body, impeller, and seal chamber, should be flushed before assembly. In particular, the ends of the moving and stationary rings should be wiped cleanly with a clean, soft cloth or cotton yarn, and then coated with a clean layer. Grease or motor oil.

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