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What Are The Main Applications For The Future Of Mechanical Seals?
Apr 11, 2018

What are the main applications for the future of mechanical seals?

The functional effect of mechanical seals is an overall technical level problem. It seems that the current point in the production of mechanical seals is to deal with the problem of soft data in the conflict pair: There is still a relatively large distance from foreign double-faced mechanical seals, mainly due to the small variety. And poor quality. The main attack direction should be:


1 Carbon graphite impregnation technology should be able to impregnate various resin, metal, ceramic mechanical shaft seals and glass, etc., in particular, to carry out impregnation of various metals and siliconized graphite;

2 Add and raise the type and quality of the auxiliary seal ring, the mechanical seal factory point is the dynamic data of the ring seal ring, such as Teflon coated rubber;


3 to pay attention to and carry out mechanical seal auxiliary system and equipment, according to different conditions should be equipped with no mechanical seal with the auxiliary measures or loading search. Others should also pay attention to and develop the development of elastic components. For example, the stress of asymmetrical bellows tends to be uniform and there is no stress concentration. Its natural frequency is far away from the rotational speed of the pump, reducing the possibility of vibration resonance and making the seal Capability improvement, bellows flexibility.


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