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What Are The Mechanical Seals And Other Metal Constructions?
Apr 18, 2018

What are the mechanical seals and other metal constructions?

The mechanical seal transmission element is used to transmit the conflict torque to the shaft or to the gland. There are two kinds of mechanical seal transmission: elastic device seal ring an elastic element and the elastic element of a shaft of convergence. The former requires that the axial and angular directions of the resilient device seal ring remain active when driving a conflicting torque.

   Transmission parts are springs, driving pins, lugs, forks, transmission keys, transmission seats (grooves), jaw couplings, etc.

   In the spring transmission, there is a final drive with a loop spring and a spring with a hook spring. The rotation of the spring is to increase the spring force mechanical seal rather than reduce it when rotating. General transmission torque is small.

    The drive pin drive passes through the ring seat to the shaft. Commonly used in multi-cable spring structure and anti-rotation pin structure between soft ring and gland. It is a common and simple structure.

    The lugs, shift forks and jaw couplings are all driven by metal and metal contacts. They are particularly suitable for mechanical seals in complex structures with high torque, and the direction of rotation is unconstrained.

The type of pressurization on the drive seat cooperates with the groove of the moving ring, and the thin edge of the seat is pressed into a pit, which has a good craftsmanship.

    Other mechanical seal components include a spring seat, a dynamic ring seat, a drive pin, an assembly sleeve, a set screw, and a bushing. The selection of parameters for these parts is better. Commonly used materials are stainless steel, chrome steel, such as 1Cr13, 2Cr13, 1Cr18Ni9Ti and so on. Bushings are made of stainless steel or carbon steel with chrome plating. In order to ensure the followability of the moving ring, ceramics are sprayed on the outer surface of the sleeve to assist the seal contact area. This will ensure that the moving ring slips sensitively on the sleeve so that it does not cause corrosion, jams, etc. to cause the ring to come to rest.

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