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What Are The Mechanical Seals Used In Stone Chemical Applications?
Apr 25, 2018

What are the mechanical seals used in stone chemical applications?

What are the uses of mechanical seals in petrochemical applications? The technological progress of mechanical seals can be reflected in what industry?

First, pump mechanical seals:

The reliability of the pump depends to a large extent on mechanical seals. In petroleum pump mechanical seal chemical companies, most of the fluids handled are flammable and explosive. Once mechanical seals fail, they not only pollute the environment, but also affect human health. And it also causes fire, blasting and other major accidents. We mainly start with the seal structure selection under different working conditions for petroleum refining pump mechanical seals, reduce the failure rate of seal application, and improve reliability.

1. High temperature hot oil pump mechanical seal

High-temperature hot oil pumps mainly include bottom-end pumps, bottom-reducing pumps, and catalytic oil-slurry pumps. The characteristics of mechanical seals for such pumps are high temperature (370°C-400°C), high oil viscosity, and impurities at the bottom of the tower.

2. Steam and diesel pump mechanical seals

The mechanical seals of this type of pump use a stop structure (a bellows structure is used when the temperature is higher than 200°C). One is to prevent heat generation due to high-speed mixing; the other is to prevent the tension spring from transmitting torque.

3, low temperature light hydrocarbon pump mechanical seals

Adopting the method of adding the length of the non-compensated ring tail and selecting the auxiliary back cover structure, the anti-sweeping ability of the light hydrocarbon pump mechanical seal is added. After rinsing to improve the pressure of the sealing chamber to prevent the formation of dry seals contradiction. The self-rinsing method not only ensures a high medium pressure in the sealed chamber, prevents the medium from vaporizing or gas accumulation in the sealed chamber, but also removes the conflicting heat generated by the collision in time, and effectively controls the temperature rise of the sealed end surface, increasing Liquid area, improve the conflict situation.

Second, the valve:

Valves are not a part of the petrochemical refinery equipment. The types of valves used are large and the number of valves used is large. The medium produced by the chemical industry is mostly corrosive, toxic or flammable. When the valves leak, it will not only be severe. The dross of raw materials, energy and products, as well as the formation of a severe impact on the environment, and even cause serious security incidents. Therefore, we must also pay attention to the leakage of valves in the petrochemical production process.

Third, the general seal:

With the continuous advancement of static mechanical seal technology, rubber sealing products and gasket materials and structures have been developed in a wide range, and the use of various sealing categories is also very extensive. It also includes the petrochemical category, along with its subsidiary industry will also be Encourage that the entire industry chain has a promising future.

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