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What Are The Options For Submersible Pump Mechanical Seals?
Mar 30, 2018

What are the options for submersible pump mechanical seals?

  Usually selected through the mechanical seal structure, mechanical seals are usually composed of a static end face seal ring, auxiliary seal ring, spring and transmission components. Dynamic and static rings start the sealing effect of the end face, and the moving ring is moved by the submersible pump mechanical seal to compensate for the effect. The auxiliary seal is usually held on the shaft and mounted on the pump cover so that the mechanical seal against the oil pump does not seal against the touched pump. The effect of the spring is when the mechanical seal is subjected to medium pressure or external system pressure. The transmission component is mainly to connect the mechanical seal with the pump body.

  Secondly, the selection of mechanical seals is determined because the type of mechanical seals is not the same as the type of mechanical seals required for operation. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the working conditions according to the selection parameters, types, structures, and specifications of the mechanical seals. Test experience reached the intention of selecting the right mechanical seal.

 The most important part of the lower mechanical seal planning, in the internal dynamic sealing system of the submersible pump, the lower mechanical seal is located behind the impeller. When the pump is operated, it will be impacted by the pressure of the sewage medium and shaken, and it will be chemically corroded by the sewage medium. The influence of hard particles in the medium on the collision of the end face of the collision, and the influence of the centrifugal force caused by the high-speed rolling of the impeller and the influence of collision heat due to the high linear velocity. These induction factors will cause the lower mechanical seal to oscillate and corrode during operation. Many problems such as wear and tear. Therefore, careful planning, strict processing, and accurate installation of lower mechanical seals are the key to ensure long-term operation of the large submersible pump mechanical seal system, which is also reflected in the usual application and repair process.

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