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What Are The Precautions Before Installation Of Mechanical Seals?
Apr 27, 2018

What are the precautions before installation of mechanical seals?

Mechanical seals are precision shaft seal components that must be correctly installed and properly used in order to give full play to the special features of mechanical seals, achieve sealing functions, and ensure their safe and reliable operation.

Clean the assembly before installation and apply some oil or grease on the shaft surface to prevent damage to non-metallic components such as rubber O-rings during installation. Special attention is: the rubber ring of ethylene-propylene material can not be in contact with oil or grease. At this time, it is recommended to use water or silicone oil for cleaning and lubrication.

The surface roughness of parts contacting with the mechanical seal is not greater than Ra3.2. The area through which the seal passes shall have a smooth transition chamfer. The shoulder chamfer is 3×10° or round, and the end cap chamfer is 2~2.5 ×20°

1) The radial runout of single-stage pump shaft is not more than 0.05mm, and the radial runout of multi-stage pump shaft is not more than 0.05-0.085mm.

2) The shaft end run is less than 0.1mm.

3) The perpendicularity of the end face of the sealing cavity and the shaft is less than 0.1mm.

4) The pump shaft axial movement is not more than ±1mm. (Special requirements according to the actual design)

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