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What Are The Requirements For The Seal Ring On The Mechanical Seal?
Apr 20, 2018

What are the requirements for the seal ring on the mechanical seal?

The seal ring is the general name of the moving ring and the stationary ring (the same below) and is the most important component of the mechanical seal. Sealing rings have to a large extent selected the mechanical properties of the mechanical seal and the number of lives, therefore, put forward some requirements for it.

Satisfactory strength and stiffness

Under operating conditions (such as pressure, temperature, sliding speed, etc.), the deformation should be as small as possible, and the sealability can still be maintained when the operating conditions are not firm. In particular, the sealed end face must have satisfactory strength and certain corrosion resistance to ensure that the product has a satisfactory service life.

With excellent thermal shock resistance for this purpose, the material is required to have a higher thermal conductivity and a smaller coefficient of linear expansion, so that it does not crack when subjected to thermal shock.

Smaller collision coefficient

Sealing ring matching should have a small collision coefficient.

Excellent self-lubrication

If there is a short-term conflict during the operation, the sealed end face will not be compromised. Therefore, the seal ring should have excellent self-lubricity, and the seal ring material and seal fluid should also have good wettability.

Simple structure

The structure of the seal ring should be designed to be simple and symmetrical. Priority should be given to the use of a monolithic structure, or a combined (eg, insert-type) seal ring, to avoid the use of a sealed end spray structure.

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