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What Are The Technical Requirements For The Installation Of Mechanical Seals?
Jun 08, 2018

What are the technical requirements for the installation of mechanical seals?

Cartridge-type mechanical seals are high-precision mechanical parts. The correct installation and operation of their mechanical seals have a great influence on the service life of Grundfos pumps. We generally follow the standards set by the Ministry of Petroleum and Chemical Industry.

The technical requirements for fitting the mechanical seal of the cartridge-mounted mechanical seal to the mechanical seal are as follows:

1. Shaft bending degree: the maximum is less than 0.05mm;

2. Rotor oscillation: The sleeve around the mechanical seal of the ring seal is not more than 0.06 mm;

3, the axis of the shaft does not allow more than ± 0.5 mm, if the shaft sleeve, does not allow loose shaft;

4. Coupling alignment error: not more than 0.08-0.10 mm (P2008C) for the gear coupling and not more than 0.05-0.06 mm for the elastic coupling; (according to the practice, end jump <0.05, jump <0.10 )

5. The tolerance of the concentricity tolerance between the gland (static ring seat) and the seal-fitting stopper on the centerline of the shaft is 0.05mm, and the perpendicularity of the plane contacting the gasket to the centerline is 0.03-0.05mm, if it fails to reach Requirements, sealed cavity to be processed;

6. Install the end of the bushing of the dynamic ring seal ring, and the end of the gland (or the housing) where the ring seal is installed should be chamfered and smoothed.

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