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What Are The Uses And Maintenance Of Colloid Mill Mechanical Seals?
Apr 24, 2018

What are the uses and maintenance of colloid mill mechanical seals?

Main structure of colloid mill mechanical seal: (Mixer, grinding pump, emulsifier, mixer, grinder, mixing pump, rotor pump, homogenizer pump/mixer, emulsifier)

1. The seals of mechanical seals and pumps are divided into static seals and dynamic seals. The seals of static seals should not be scratched or bumped on the surface. Otherwise, the seal effect will be directly affected; for the dynamic seal, It can be affected by many factors such as the size of the pressure and the corrosion of the conveying medium, as well as the wear of the particles in the medium. If there is a slight carelessness, it is likely that the mechanical seal will leak. Once the product has leaked, it should be shut down and overhauled in time. Wipe it with a soft, clean cotton cloth and apply a layer of glycerin. After assembly, use it with hands and then start it up. If there is no hope of repair, replace it with new ones.

2. Lubricating parts, the gears and rolling bearings of the pump must maintain good lubrication conditions. Usually, pay attention to the level of the oil in the gears, give enough lubricating oil, and ensure that the oil is pure, clean and regular (six Month or year) Change the new oil.

3. (ultraviolet disinfection machinery, colloidmill colloidmill rotor mill, grinding machine, beater, titanium abrasive pump) electrical system, in the vicinity of electricity equipment, are not allowed to store the destruction of insulating equipment, materials or gases. At the same time, electrical equipment must be kept in a dry environment. If it is difficult to avoid it should be added moisture-proof facilities.

4. routine maintenance, whenever the shutdown does not work, will be based on the nature of the transport of materials, use the appropriate cleaning agent, the pump for effective cleaning, and finally have to use clean water again to ensure that the pump clean and hygienic.

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