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What Are The Work Preparations For Mechanical Seals Before They Are Installed?
May 21, 2018

What are the work preparations for mechanical seals before they are installed?

Prepare mechanical seals before installation

To make the mechanical seal work reliably and to achieve the best results, do the following:

Make sure that the size of the selected seal matches the shaft diameter and the size of the housing bore.

Make sure that the selected seal is able to withstand the media as well as the operating temperature and speed.

Inspect the seal for any damage, such as dents, nicks or cuts. Never use a damaged seal.

If the seal becomes dirty, carefully clean it. Use warm soapy water (not to exceed 30°C) and allow the seal to dry at room temperature.

The chamfer is machined at the corners of the housing bore and allows a smooth transition so as not to damage the outer surface of the seal.

The mating surfaces on the housing bore and shaft should meet the SKF requirements for size and shape accuracy as well as roughness and hardness.

All the shaft edge parts through which the sealing lip passes should be chamfered or rounded.

Gently apply a layer of lubricant to the mechanical seal to be used in the application. Unless PTFE seal lip is used in applications requiring dry lubrication, it should not be lubricated beforehand.

SKF Bearing Installation Tool Kit

The SKF bearing mounting kit can be used to mount radial shaft seals with an outside diameter of up to 120 mm.

This kit includes:

3 impact sleeves for uniform force distribution with letters A, B or C

36 impact rings, marked with the letters corresponding to the impact sleeve and the inner and outer diameters of the impact rings, eg B 25/52

1 double sided shockproof rubber hammer

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