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What Causes The Mechanical Seal's Ribs To Break?
Apr 12, 2018

What causes the mechanical seal's ribs to break?

Recently, a problem has often been heard. The sealing ribs of mechanical seals have cracks and are easily broken. What causes this? The teacher of the mechanical seal factory explained to you: There are several reasons why the "ribs" of the mechanical seal may break:

  1. Check whether the strength of the mechanical seal material is low or whether the added calcium powder is too much.

  2. Check whether the mechanical equipment is not evacuated, or the exhaust is not in place, resulting in air bubbles or missing material in the area of the sealing ribs on the mechanical seal.

  3. mechanical seals on the seal ribs are stuck in the mold, if the mold temperature is high, the material is prone to brittle, especially peroxide, easy to break in the demolding process, due to the inspection process missed detection, resulting in defective products Outflow.

  4. Does the mechanical seal material itself have quality problems? If the sealing ring strength is low, the possibility of breakage of the sealing ring is increased during demolding.

  5. In short, everyone should pay attention to the above points when encountering this problem, especially when purchasing seal products, look at the rectification ability of suppliers, strengthen internal management, and reduce missed inspections of defective products.

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