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What Equipment Are Used On Mechanical Seals?
Apr 10, 2018

What equipment are used on mechanical seals?

Mechanical seals are a common seal, widely used in petroleum, chemical, machinery, coal and other industries, so what equipment are used on mechanical seals?

1. Pump mechanical seals include various single-stage centrifugal pumps, multi-stage centrifugal pumps, vortex pumps, screw pumps, vacuum pumps, and various internal-vehicle cooling pumps for automobiles, tractors, diesel locomotives, etc. Need to use mechanical seals.

2. Mechanical seals for kettles, including mechanical seals for stainless steel kettles, enamel kettles, and glass bottles.

3. Mechanical seals for turbo compressors, including mechanical seals for various centrifugal compressors, axial compressors, etc.

4. Mechanical seals for fans, including mechanical seals for various ventilators and blowers.

5. submersible motor mechanical seals, including a variety of submersible motors, submersible motors, submersible halogen motors and other mechanical seals.

6. Freezer mechanical seals, including mechanical seals for various screw freezers, centrifugal freezers, etc.

7. Mechanical seals for other main engines include mechanical seals for mechanical equipment such as separating machines, washing machines, high-temperature dyeing machines, speed reducers, and reciprocating compressor crankcases.

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