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What Happens To The Improper Installation Or Use Of O-rings?
Mar 15, 2018

What happens to the improper installation or use of o-rings?

The O ring is one of the most widely used sealing products in rubber and plastic products. Because it has a very strong plasticity and is inexpensive, it is widely used, but if the ö ring is installed or used improperly, Poor sealing or leaking may occur, and even o-rings may be bitten. There are usually the following conditions:

1. The slot size of the o-ring is unreasonably designed, and there is an overshoot, especially when the depth dimension is too large, resulting in insufficient compression deformation of the o-ring and affecting the sealing effect. After the o-rings are installed, the compressive deformation should be between 18% and 22%. When the o-ring section size is large, the compressive relative deformation is small. When the section size is smaller, the compressive relative deformation is larger.

2. The size of the o-ring is too different from the actual installation size, and the o-ring is formed to work under the condition that the cross-sectional dimension is reduced after stretching, resulting in insufficient leakage of the compressive deformation.

3. When the o-ring is installed, the sealing surface does not have smooth chamfering or rounding and the o-ring is scratched to cause leakage.

4. o-ring material does not apply to the seal medium and is eroded and then fails.

5. After the o-ring is used for a long time, it will deteriorate and deteriorate, and the elasticity will be reduced or become invalid. Therefore, o-rings are generally replaced when the equipment is overhauled.

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