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What Kind Of Function Does The Mechanical Seal Have In The End?
Apr 02, 2018

What kind of function does the mechanical seal have in the end?

Many people only know that mechanical seals are used as sealing devices for mechanical links, but do you really understand the function of mechanical seals?

(1) Scouring function

   Erosion is the basic function of a mechanical seal system, and it is also a common working method of a mechanical seal system. The liquid is injected directly into the high-pressure side of a single-end seal or a double-end seal. General mechanical seals should be flushed, especially for mechanical seals for light hydrocarbon pumps. Scouring can reach the purpose of improving the smoothness of barrier media, cooling, and special mechanical seals. The purpose of the barrier medium is to pass through the sealed cavity into a liquid that is compatible with the single-end mechanical seal medium for external circulation erosion.

(2) The function of conditioning and controlling the sealing working temperature

  The mechanical seal system has the function of conditioning and controlling the temperature of the working environment of the mechanical seal itself. The conditioning and handling of the mechanical seal of the thermal oil pump includes cooling and insulation. A medium with high vapor pressure will absorb the mixing heat of the mechanical seal and the frictional heat of the end face in the sealed cavity, causing temperature rise; if the cooling and cooling are not performed in time, the medium may vaporize on the end face, and the smooth deterioration of the end face will lead to sealing. Failure. For the easy-to-crystallize, easy-to-condense medium, the insulation method should be adopted so that the medium does not crystallize or coagulate.

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