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What Matters Need To Be Noted When Using Mechanical Seals?
Jun 15, 2018

What matters need to be noted when using mechanical seals?

The effect of the mechanical seal is to close the gap in the chamber fluid spillage and prevent dirt, sand and other dirt from invading the chamber interior. However, if the device is not properly used, leakage of oil can be easily formed and affect the normal operation of the machine. -A forms a burnout bearing, breaks gears, twists off driveshafts or other serious problems.

1. Self-tightening rubber seal device precautions

(1) Before the device oil seal, it is necessary to check whether the surface of the journal is too rough and there is no mechanical seal, especially whether there is a long mechanical shaft seal flaw in the axial direction. If the journal surface is too rough, it will simply damage the seal or accelerate the wear of the lip 1:3, damaging its sealing function. If the surface of the journal is not properly formed due to disassembly, the severe blunt scar will cause the lip of the oil seal and the surface of the journal to lax and form oil leakage. In both of the above situations, the mechanical seals on the flaws can be surfacing from the beginning to the lathe on a regular journal scale or replaced with new ones. If the journal is made of metal burrs or flashes on the shaft head, it can be smoothed with a trowel to prevent the oil seal from injuring the seal lip.

(2) Check the seal lip for cracks, cracks, or oily corrosion. If any of these problems occur, replace the new oil seal.

(3) To prevent the oil seal lip 121 from being stretched, deformed or scratched when installing the device oil seal, a special device must be used. If there is no such thing, you can use the following method to perform the device: First, in the journal or even the axial part, roll a layer of bright hard plastic film (commonly known as cellophane), apply a small amount of oil on its appearance, the oil seal into the wrapped plastic The shaft head of the film is evenly pressed to press the oil seal to the journal, and then the plastic film is pulled out. Note: Do not mis-align the lips, but place them facing the inside of the oil. The trademark and standard side faces outward. Since the lip 1:3 can only be sealed in one direction, if the oil is encapsulated in reverse, fluid leakage will occur and the sealing effect will weaken or fail. To prevent the use of oil seals or hammer hammers and other things on the surface of the oil seal, or simply damage the seal.

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