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Why Does Hydraulic Equipment Produce Noise? What Are The Reasons For The Improper Use Of Mechanical Seals?
May 10, 2018

Why does hydraulic equipment produce noise? What are the reasons for the improper use of mechanical seals?

First, why does hydraulic equipment produce noise? Improper use of hydraulic mechanical seals?


1.1 First of all, the hydraulic cylinders of the hydraulic seal equipment will produce high noise when air is mixed in the mixed air and hydraulic oil and then it is operated under high pressure;


1.2 The noise of the hydraulic cylinder seal is too tight or the piston rod seal is bent;


1.3 If the hydraulic pump is too noisy, it is inhaling a small amount of air.

1.4 When the internal seals and fittings of the hydraulic pump are excessively worn or pulled, improper leakage may occur and noise may be generated at the same time;


1.5 The hydraulic pump distribution plate is also one of the susceptibility to noise;


1.6 Second, the relief valve is prone to high-frequency noise.

The manufacturer recommends that the air in the oil and hydraulic cylinders be drained before operation, and that the seals and mating parts be replaced in time when wear occurs.

Second, the noise of the overflow valve: mainly caused by the instability of the pilot valve performance, that is, the noise caused by the air vibration caused by the high frequency oscillation of the pilot chamber front chamber pressure.


2.1 The air is mixed with oil and cavitation occurs in the pilot cavity before the high frequency noise. At this point, air should be drained in a timely manner and re-entry of outside air should be prevented;


2.2 needle valve in the course of use due to frequent opening and excessive wear, so that the needle valve cone and the valve seat can not close together, resulting in unstable pilot flow, resulting in pressure fluctuations and cause noise, this time should be repaired or replaced;


2.3 The pilot valve is unstable due to the fatigue deformation of the spring, causing large pressure fluctuations and noise, and the spring should be replaced.

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